Refugees are no
different from us


Refugees are people who flee violence and persecution to seek a safer life—people who have no choice but to leave their homes, often on little or no notice, in order to escape torture or death at the hands of extremist groups or corrupt governments. These families are matched with safe countries where they can build a life free of fear and become contributing members of a community.

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Of all the people who come to this country, refugees are subjected to the most rigorous forms of screening. Candidates are evaluated for security risks and health issues on nine different levels, and the process takes about 18 to 24 months. Not all candidates are accepted.

The US has long been a leader in helping people who are fleeing violence and persecution find a safe place for their families to live. For decades, citizens and policy makers have come together to make this happen. In fact, five of the nine agencies that help refugees find homes in the US are from a variety of faiths. Americans from all religions and political leanings believe that helping refugees is the right thing to do.

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Refugees Are

Our communities are richer, our culture more diverse, because we are a nation of people—from all over the world—who aren’t afraid to work hard to create a better life.

Meet a few of the refugees who are bringing their passion and skills to our communities.

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An Investment, Not A Burden

America is built on the principle of welcoming people from all cultures and religions who are seeking a safer way of life. From our country’s inception, refugees have been woven into the rich fabric of American life. With diverse backgrounds and complementary ways of problem-solving, refugees have become essential to our country’s ability to thrive, renew and innovate.

During times of crisis, the US has redoubled efforts to uphold strict scrutiny of candidates for resettlement. This not only protects the safety of its citizens but also ensures that our country continues to benefit from the investments we make through our humanitarian efforts.

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20 MILLION There are nearly 20 million refugees worldwide20

Icon of crowd 59% of Americans believe that the US should do more to help refugees or should continue to offer assistance at the current level21


Sonny Le fled Vietnam in 1980 and never looked back. “We have to make it in America,” he says. “This is our home.” This video is courtesty of Tzu Chi USA 360.


George Tarr hasn’t seen his mom since she sent him to the US 17 years ago to live a better life, but he’s seen her dreams come true. This video is courtesty of Tzu Chi USA 360.


Sergio Plecas fled Croatia with his mother in 2003. He’s now an award-winning documentary videographer for PBS. This video is courtesty of Episcopal Church.

Together We Are
One Community

Since its inception, our country has defined itself by opening its arms to people in need from all walks of life.

Because we embrace diversity and protect individual safety and freedom, we all benefit from a broad range of cultures and life experiences that strengthen our communities—and our nation.

And you can help them

You have the ability to make a refugee’s transition easier, their experience better and America’s future brighter.

When we work together in the best interest of our country, we all win.

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Volunteer Your Time and Make new friends

Set up an apartment

Gather and store furniture and household items and set up the family’s apartment the week or weekend before they arrive.

Welcome a family home

Cook the family a culturally appropriate and familiar meal for their day of arrival, greet the family at the airport, or welcome them to their new home.


Transport refugees to appointements — doctor’s appointments, job interviews, ESL classes, etc.


Tutor children, practice coversational English or help teach English as a Second Language (ESL).


Befriend a refugee or refugee family.


Provide cultural orientation or explore the city together.

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You can help make a difference
in your community

You are an invaluable resource. When you help ease a refugee’s transition into our country, you not only aid someone in need—you also serve your community. Your generosity can help change a life.

How will you embrace refugees?